The way to play


Hit Me Up sports is a free app that allows people to connect via sports. It allows people to set an event such as a basketball game at a precise location and time for other people to see and attend. You can make your event only visible to a select number of people of a certain demographic. The people who view your event can then comfirm they are coming by taking one of the available spots.


With most social services comes a big security risk so here are a couple of ways to minimize the risk of predators and kidnappers. First of all, to register on the HMUs app you must enter some sort of ID which will allow the company to know your real age. This will therefore allow kids to make events for only other kids to see. Also as I mentioned earlier to go to the event you must take one of the available places. To insure that people accually sign up for the event instead of just going, the adress of the event will only be released after you sign up. The only thing that will show up before will be the events distance from you.